Where to find training / learning resources?

By | June 7, 2010

Question ~

How can I get access to Learning & Development/Training presenters sessions so I can learn how I can leverage their knowledge and techniques?

Mary’s Answer ~

There are 3 suggestions that I have to answer your question:

#1 – Observe Mentors You Respect.

Are there any Learning & Development/Training presenters whose style of training you like? If possible attend one of their training sessions and put on your “observers” hat. Take note of what techniques you like that they used during the session. You can also do this with sample videos of their presentations that they post either on their website or on YouTube.

This method of learning from your training ‘mentors’ is what I call ‘passive’ learning, which is observing and modeling.

#2 – Utilize Available Resources.

I would recommend ‘Train-the-Trainer’ type resources. This is what I call ‘active’ learning. Again, I would advise learning from those trainers/learning & development presenters whose style resonates with you. For example, one of my favorite ‘Train-the-Trainer’ sessions that I have taken was from Peak Potentials.

Other resources are also available through digital media. For example, one of my favorite teachers in this genre who trains using accelerated-learning techniques is Ed Tate. I recommend his CD called “Interactive Lectures.” Stay tuned for my upcoming educational program, “Train-the-Trainer.”

#3 – Network with ASTD

Attend your local ASTD Chapter meetings (American Society of Training and Development) and network with other professional trainers. Ask them specific questions that you may have to leverage their knowledge and techniques. To find your nearest ASTD Chapter, click here.

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