Speaking sitting down

By | August 8, 2010

Question ~

How can I show confidence, energy and enthusiasm in a presentation, interview or meeting, when I am giving it sitting down?

Mary’s Answer ~

When you are giving a presentation, interview or meeting sitting down, here are a few tips:

1) Your confidence and enthusiasm can be conveyed through your voice, facial expressions and gestures using the upper half of your body.

2) Make sure you hold eye contact with your interviewer/audience in the meeting. Holding eye contact with each person shows a level of self-confidence that you believe in what you are saying.

3) Energy is contagious. If you are enthusiastic about your message, so will your audience, whether it’s a one-on-one or a group.

4) Breathe deeply and consciously focus on relaxing your center (just above your stomach). When you are centered, you can communicate from the relaxed, authentic place inside of you.

5) And finally, so long as you are sincere and believe in what you have to say, you will come across as confident whether you are standing up or sitting down.

Mary Cheyne
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