Speaking of Energy

By | August 12, 2012

“Everything is Energy.
~ T Harv Eker.

Back in March, I went back to Sydney for a visit. I arrived at Sydney airport but my sister was running late to pick me up, so I waited for her in the arrivals area.

I just love the energy of the arrivals area, don’t you?

There is such genuine joy in seeing families reunite and this energy is completely infectious.  For example, I just saw an older couple run up & enthusiastically embrace their son & daughter-in-law, showering them with hugs and kisses.

What I caught was their obvious warmth, love and excitement in seeing each other again. It lifted my spirit instantly.

23 hours earlier, at the departures area of Boston airport, the energy was much different. Loved-ones were parting, saying their goodbyes. There were tears and emotional hugs. I got a sad tear in my eye just from watching this.

What has the arrivals and departures area of the airport got to do with public speaking? More than you would think!

Just like energy is contagious at the airport, energy is also contagious between the speaker on stage and the audience.

As words and non-verbal cues are transmitted from the speaker to the audience, energy is also transmitted. The audience is a mirror of the speaker. The mood and energy of the speaker is reflected back to him/her from the audience. This may come in the form of the obvious, such as facial reactions, laughter, gasps and sighs. It may also come in a more subtle form such as experiencing an emotional shift. It’s all energy.

Have you ever experienced this? When you are speaking on the platform and the audience is completely “with you”, the energy that comes back from them is almost palpable.

On the other hand, have you ever given a speech or presentation and the energy of the audience completely falls flat?

If you have, be aware. There is energy between you and the audience, and your job as a speaker is to create the energy in the room that will serve the purpose & goal of your message.

How you do that is fodder for a whole other article.

For now, simply observe and notice. As a speaker, what energy are you putting out there?

The next time you speak on the platform, don’t simply say the words. Instead, pay attention to the energy you give out from moment to moment. It can make all the difference.





Mary Cheyne, MBA
2009 World Champion of Public Speaking 1st Runner-Up
Keynote Speaker / Trainer / Coach
Magnetic Podium, LLC