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Lessons from a World Record Holder – Part 1 of 2

“To be the best, learn from the best” ~ Darren LaCroix I met Doug Danger a year ago at a speakers’ conference. It was clear right away that this man beamed with positive energy. After a few minutes of talking with him, what was also obvious was how humble he was, despite his extraordinary achievements.… Read More »

Speaking of Energy

“Everything is Energy.“ ~ T Harv Eker. Back in March, I went back to Sydney for a visit. I arrived at Sydney airport but my sister was running late to pick me up, so I waited for her in the arrivals area. I just love the energy of the arrivals area, don’t you? There is such… Read More »

March 2012: Be Yourself

“When you’re in the wrong relationship, it’s like you’re acting.” ~ Anna A few years ago, I met a friend in acting class named Anna. Although young in age, 24, Anna was already very wise. She had broken up with her long-time boyfriend, and had recently met a new partner in her life. When I… Read More »

January 2012: Connection IS the Key

“Be interested, not interesting.” ~ Blair Singer Happy Holidays! Not too long ago, I was one of several speakers at an event. Before the event, I got to meet and speak with my fellow presenters. I could see that some of them were pre-occupied with their upcoming presentations. How could I tell? Let me put… Read More »