Mentorship Alliance Program

“You are either growing or you are dying.”
~ T Harv Eker

“Do you know what’s worse than going in the wrong direction?
Going in the wrong direction ENTHUSIASTICALLY.”

~ Alex Mandossian


The Problem:

Most people who want to improve their speaking skills quickly are either:

a)    NOT committed enough to make it happen. .

If you are in this category – this program is NOT for you!
– Thank you for taking the time to come to this web page.


b)   Serious & committed, but lack the guidance & support from someone who has been through the process.

For example, sometimes, you feel motivated to learn how to speak well, such as right after hearing a motivational speech, but you lack the inspiration and motivation to implement the tools that you have learned.

At times, you feel stuck and sometimes even alone along your journey towards your speaking goals and personal growth.

You recognize how slowly you are improving.

Eventually your growth loses momentum, reaches a plateau or even worse, you give up altogether!

If you are in any or all of these categories – then this program IS for you!


The Solution: Mentorship Alliance Program

In the Mentorship Alliance Program, you will accelerate your speaking goals and growth to the next level, providing complete guidance, support and encouragement along the way.

You will:

  • Have a mentor who will travel the path with you.
  • Have a partnership to help you to achieve your speaking and presentations goals.
  • Have specific speaking goals customized for you. Whether it’s building confidence as a speaker, becoming an impactful speaker or just being able to be your most relaxed self on stage, your mentor will work with you to create a plan along with actionable steps to achieve this.
  • Have a long-term mentor who has been through the process
  • Benefit from personal development processes
  • Transform your speaking abilities from the inside out.
  • Get unstuck
  • Long-term guidance towards your accelerated path of growth
  • Achieve your speaking and confidence goals.
  • And much more…


Speaker Benefits

• Long-term guidance & support

• Own your confidence, both on & off the platform

• Shave years off your learning curve

• Get unstuck & accelerate your speaking progress

• Sell your points effectively!

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