December 2011: Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

“Stay hungry. Stay foolish.” ~ Steve Jobs (quoting the Whole Earth Catalog) I recently read the biography of Steve Jobs (by Walter Isaacson). It’s one of the most well-written, insightful and entertaining non-fiction books I’ve read in a long time. The book reminds us of one of Jobs’ favorite quotes (from his famous Stanford University… Read More »

Speaking of results…

If you had to rate yourself, on a scale of 1 to 10, of how effective of a speaker you are, what number would you choose? If you want to improve, it doesn’t matter what your “score” is, so long as you are moving towards the desired end of the scale. Mary Cheyne 2009 World… Read More »

July 2010: Lessons from Les

A cardinal rule that I live by is to be the best at what you do you must learn from the best. That is why it was a great thrill for me to learn from Les Brown, one of the world’s top motivational speakers. Les was a speaker at an event that I attended last… Read More »